Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Walk

As you may know, I am a big Hanson fan (yes, the ones of MMMBop fame). I've loved them and their music for a long time now, and although I did have a door covered with their pictures in junior high, I would not classify myself as a crazy fan. Their latest two albums (The Walk and Underneath ) are full of songs I find myself singing at random times (like when I wake up).

Recently the band has created a charity called The Walk, which raises money for and awareness of social issues in Africa. It does things like pay for medicine for mothers with HIV, build schools, make irrigation systems, and give shoes to children. Before each of their shows on their recent tour they have been doing a one mile walk without shoes, and for each person who joins them they donate a $1 to the charity. So, this weekend I got to take The Walk with them (and about 100 other people).

Somehow I managed to talk my perfectly reasonable sister and sister-in-law into coming with me (disclaimer: they are not big fans of Hanson, and thus not a dork like me). We took my cousin Sam (who is 3) and drove to Chapman University (in Orange, where I live). When we got there a bunch of people where milling around, and after we registered Sam was bored, so Marissa taught him how to throw rocks at things (okay, it was only a fountain, but it sounds more fun the other way).

I think their faces say it all (I hope he didn't just hit something or someone important).

After a while Hanson showed up and we strolled over and took off our shoes (even Sam). They gave a rousing speech about how our generation can change the world and that the first step is to get out there (which I did by going to The Walk). They also encouraged people to take off their shoes, to help us realize all of the things we take for granted (like shoes to protect our feet from poky things). Then the giant heard (which felt a bit like cattle) moved at a relatively slow pace around the campus. After one mile the band stopped to talk again, about the true needs in Africa and how much we have to give and then they asked us to walk an other mile (basically black-mailing us, but I didn't mind, I want to save Africa!).

On the huge fan front, we got to see the band up close and personal, and although I didn't talk to any of them I got to take some fun pictures.

This one is of Zac Hanson. Megaphones are so cool!

This is one of Taylor Hanson (he's the pretty one). Issac Hanson was right behind us (at the end of the long line of people).

After all of the walking our feet were pretty gross, but I felt special. I have decided to sponsor The Walk at my hippie school, and I hope that it goes well (it won't be until after the holiday break, though).

Thanks for caring! I love you all!