Friday, April 23, 2010


I just stumbled upon a blog called 1000 Awesome Things. It is a lovely celebration of the small things, that you might ordinarily over look or forget quickly, but that are awesome and should be celebrated. Today it was about a baby falling asleep on you and how perfect this is, and how it is a never ending circle, since you once fell asleep on people when you were small and the baby on you will one day have a baby fall asleep on them. Beautiful!So, Here is my 1 awesome thing for today.
#1 A gallon of chocolate milk for 99 cents! AWESOME!Saw it on the bargain shelf at the store, set to expire the next day. So My family and i got to enjoy super yummy chocolate milk for less then a dollar. It makes me smile just to think about it!

P.S. I LOVE the word awesome. It is so much fun to use and just saying it gives you the feel for how awesome the thing you are talking about is. What a magic word.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My Story of Faith

The last few months at work have been interesting and they have also increased my faith. I shared this experience at church and I've talked about it with family members. Each time it reminds me that God is looking out for me and that prayers are answered. But for some reason (which I'm trying hard not to think about because it probably means that I am not much of a missionary) I have been uncomfortable sharing what has happened with my friends who are not LDS. So, even though I know that not many people read this blog I want to share my faith building experience here ( even though it makes me uncomfortable) and I am hoping that being brave about sharing my testimony on a blog will lead to being brave about sharing it in other situations to. So, here goes:

I work at a private school and the economy and other things are starting to take a toll on our enrollment. We have many classes that are smaller then normal and we are about to loos a senior class of more then 30 (huge at a school where other grades have between 7 and 13). The realization of the money shortage prompted some "re-arranging" by the boss. She let one teacher go and moved two others to part time. She also pulled me and my mom (who teaches 2nd grade right next door to me) in to tell us that in a month (this was in February) she would be cutting both of us down to half time as well. Although we were happy to have advanced notice and to still be working at our great school we were also a little devastated.

We both cried and stressed for a few days and then, after lots of prayers on both our parts (and probably also from many family members and friends) we both realized that the Lord would take care of us and we felt at peace and calm about the cuts. I went over my budget and made a list of cuts to make before March and brainstormed places to apply for part time work. During this time I know that many prayers were said for us and that our names were even submitted to the New Port Temple to be prayed for there.

A week and a half or so after the cuts had been announced the boss called us in again to say that she was unable to make a schedule work with both of us half time so she would only be cutting us by 1/4. We were both so relieved and we felt that the Lord had really blessed us. We knew that we could pay rent and that with a few cuts and some extra work we would be just fine. This time prayers of thanks were offered in abundance. I felt without a doubt that the Lord was listening to our prayers and guiding our lives for good.

Another 2 weeks later and just days before the schedule change our boss (the wonderful woman) told us that she would not be making the cuts until after spring break (so mid April) and that she hoped not have to make them at all by then. I started to tear up when I realized this (at work, in front of students, how embarrassing) because I was having a powerful lesson about the power of prayer and faithfulness and about Gods love.
I know that the Lord was watching out for us and listening to the many pleas sent to him on our behalf. I am so thankful for the gospel in my life and for the people around me who can be moved to compassion by the spirit of the Lord.

I know that our school is still struggling and that other changes may still come and so I am still praying, with all my faith and heart, that God will look out for our little school and help us through this trying time. I am so thankful for this time (even though it was hard) because of the things I witnessed and learned. So, if you didn't already know my testimony of the Lord, his power and goodness, and the truthfulness of His gospel are possessions that I treasure. If you want to know more about them just ask (and hopefully I'll be brave enough to answer).