Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Last week my students preformed the opera they wrote. It was called "Goblin Attack." I am going to put the summary that was in our program here. It sounds a little high-falutin' and silly because we wanted it to seem like a real grown-up opera.

We open on a small village some time in 1619. The town’s royalty and villagers are preparing for a goblin attack. The Goblins arrive and kidnap a princess; then they start casting spells on the people of the town. The villagers try to cast their own spells with no success. As a back up plan the villagers have been making a time machine and they now use it to escape from the Goblins.
This is a photo of three of the goblins and the Princess they kidnapped.

The townspeople step out of their time machine in the year 1201. There are several warriors who are drawn by the strange machine. The royals ask if the warriors will help them fight the goblins. The warriors agree to this, but only if they are paid with pie. The warriors and townspeople get in the time machine and head back to the village.

Meanwhile, the goblins have turned the castle into their lair. They begin attacking the warriors with spells as soon as they arrive. The villagers pay the warriors with pie. A warrior throws a pie at one goblin, who is staggered by the creamy pie. Seeing this, other warriors attack the remaining goblins with more pie and then chase them into the time machine.

The warriors and villagers work together to free the captured princess. When she is free they turn on the time machine and send the goblins to the present day. We close with the townspeople and warriors rejoicing over their victory

The opera was a great success. I had so much fun working with my mom on it, and all of the students learned so much.

This is a photo taken after our family performance. There were about 80 cameras so we are all looking different ways.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Wishing for a Divorce

Today I had lunch duty, which means I had to watch a playground full of little, and not so little, kids in case of any bloodletting or attempts at a coup. Today was a stellar day, no major threats where detected, and I made at least one kid cry uncontrollably.
The best part of the duty, though, was when I was herding the students into their classes. One little girl was trudging to her line, when I asked if she had had fun playing with her friends. She mumbled and said it was ok, but what came next was truly special. She said, "But [they] are going to a summer camp just for divorced kids, and I can't go. I wish my parents could be divorced." I managed not to laugh and I asked if it would be sad if her parents didn't love each other and had to live in seperate houses. She shrugged and said, "Yeah, I guess, but then I could go to the camp!" I guess its hard to be a kid, either your being left out or coming from a broken home, and neither one feels good, though I would have thought a broken home would hurt more.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


For those who don't know I teach at a private school that goes from pre-school through high school. I get to know, or at least see, most of the older students during breaks, before and after school, and at lunch. In the last few weeks I've noticed a strange new student. He is tall and thin with nice, wavy, longish, brown hair. He is remarkably pale and rarely speaks to the other students. His clothes are nicer then most of the students; he wears button down shirts with fancy shoes.
I know what you are thinking (at least, I do if you are a girl who reads silly books). This kid is freakishly like Edward Cullen. I'm actually surprised that none of the girls at our school seem to be thronging him, especially since many of them have t-shirts with Robert Pattinson, and turn pink and/or scream when anything Twilight-esque is mentioned.
The cherry on top of this story, though, is that today on the way to school my mom (who teaches next door to me) asked if I had noticed the strange new high schooler. She described him briefly, and I said, "The one who is like Edward Cullen?" She burst out laughing and said that was just what she had thought about him too! *Chuckles*
So, to sum up, I may have a real life vampire at my school, or he could just be a really strange 16 year old. I'll let you know if I ever discover the truth.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Long Lost Blogger

I am the worst blogger in the world! Its been more then 5 months! Wow! I finally decided to revisit the good old blog after I googled myself and saw Christmas pictures pop up from this blog. Sad!
There are two exciting things I want to talk about here. First is a new band I just discovered. Tinted Windows is a "power pop" band with members from bands as diverse as Fountains of Wayne, Cheap Trick, Smashing Pumpkins, and Hanson. I've only heard a few of their songs so far, but I like what I've heard pretty well. I'm going to download their whole album this weekend. I think checking them out will be well worth your time.
The second exciting thing I want to blog about is the bridal shower I threw for my little brothers fiance, Roxy. Last night I had 15 or so relatives and one of Roxy's friends over for the shower. We had super yummy hummus (thanks Laura), great guacamole (thanks Jen) and cheesy, fun games (all me). I also have to dish about the fabulous cake balls Ami made. My sister doesn't bake often, but when she does, look out. These seemingly innocent balls are addictive and insanely good. Most of the gifts were tame but fun, like a crock-pot and lovely dishes. Laura gave her a sexy leopard print teddy (ohh lala), and Roxy blushed like crazy. She was bold enough to pose for pictures with it, but her face got even redder then. My mom, sister, and I gave her a homemade rag quilt. We did it in their wedding colors (mango and cranberry, not orange and red) and we even put their hand prints on it. I had so much fun planning and having this shower. I hope I get to plan many more. (so, if any of you reading this are in need of a bridal shower in California, let me know *wink*)