Thursday, July 2, 2009

Independence Day School Celebration

Today was our schools official Independence Day celebration. We have been getting ready for it all week. We started the event with a big parade. I tried to teach my students some color guard skills, but mostly they just waved their flags. They were wearing really cute hats/tiaras and they had their faces painted. They looked super patriotic.

(I know the sign is cheesy, but I thought it was cute when my students made it)

(This is of my girls, in the blinding sun, and cute head wear.)

(My boys and their super cute hats)

We also fed the whole school a very American lunch of hot dogs and jello. I made my first striped jello (I know, I'm a Mormon, so you'd think I would have made every kind of jello possible, but alas, I haven't, but I have eaten every imaginable kind). After lunch we had a water melon eating contest. First the kids went, and they were very fast. Despite some fears, there was no vomiting afterward. After the kids turn the teachers went. I didn't get any pictures, but it was hilarious. Both of my parents competed, and my dad tied for first place. I got third, but only because I sneakily picked a very thin piece. :)

(Some of my kids chowing down on their melon. Yum!!)

I also taught my students the pledge of allegiance in American Sign Language. We preformed it for some of the other grades at the end of the day.

(They are supposed to be making the sign for liberty. Its not gang signs, I promise.)

We had a great day. My coworker, Jo, who set all this up is amazing! She has already got me and the students looking forward to next years party.