Monday, February 22, 2010

Car Trouble Resolved

This was the best car fixing situation I've had in my life (including all the car problems my parents had, which is why car problems cause me to freak out). I took it in to a mechanic that my grandpa (who mistrusts most mechanics) recommended and explained what was going on. They agreed with me on what might be wrong and said they would check it out ($70 for all the tests).
The next day they called and said they needed to re-do the timing work that had been done in Vegas (have I mentioned that I HATE Vegas?).

They also recommended replacing some pump and doing something to the coolant system, plus they would replace a brake light that had gone out and something else I can't remember. They said it would be done the next day and would cost $1370 total. The price was big, but after remembering that the jerk in Vegas charged $1800 to do less work and to do it badly I was ok.

When I picked my car up it ran like a new car. I was so thrilled I started crying on the way home. These guys where honest and very customer friendly (they even walked me to my car which had been parked in a neighboring businesses lot, for safety). ;) I've decided to start being a better car owner and not letting things go for so long (I knew the car needed the work since August). It feels great to have the real Quincy back. I am going to celebrate by having him professionally cleaned (with a free wash gift certificate the mechanic gave me).

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Car Trouble

I have discovered something new about my self. I am a complete baby/wuss when it comes to problems with my car.
Last week I left Quincy's lights on for a few hours. Opps! After a few failed attempts to jump start it I realized that my poor car would need more work *gulp* and since it was a weekend (one with a funeral no less) and because I was already borrowing a car from Grandpa Bird, I decided to leave any towing/fixing of the car until this week.
Just the thought of getting my car moved and having to talk to a mechanic gave me stomach pain, and so I decided to pretend there was no problem, until last night (5 nights after the car died), when my mother told me I had to be grown-up and take care of my car.
So, with my wonderful dad (couldn't even consider doing it alone) I drove out to my Grandpa Merket's and tried (without success) to jump the car again. When that failed (surprise, surprise) I called my road side assistance people (yes, I have people) and talked to some underpaid guy in Minnesota for a few minutes. He told me that they could only tow it once every 72 hours and that since my hoped for mechanic (someone my grandpa has trusted for 17 years) was already closed I should just call again tomorrow. So today my dad is biting the bullet for me and taking care of the towing.
On the drive home I was thinking about how much it might cost to fix poor Quincy and how long, when I realized that my insides where doing very disturbing jumps. That is when I realized that I am allergic to car repairs. I think that I am pretty good at being an adult. I pay bills on time and with no discomfort I take care of repairs at our apartment, I clean up after myself (usually) and I take care of my work and church responsibilities with out a second thought. But dealing with car trouble makes me ill.
Why? What is wrong with me that I would rather pretend that I don't have a car then call a tow truck. *sigh* I've decided there is something I want to add to the list of hoped for traits of my future husband - he must be good at taking care of our cars.

So I want this...

or this

Monday, February 1, 2010

Remembering Grandma Aretta Merket

Yesterday my sweet Grandma Merket died. For about a week she had been in very bad condition and so this was not a surprise, but it is still a hard thing to realize. She was a constant source of love and faith in my life and the idea that I won't see her for Sunday dinner, or go on vacation with her is still unreal.

Last night, after church, I spent a bitter sweet evening with family at the Merket's house. We ate the yummy food that the relief society had provided and we talked and hugged. Most of our talk was about our love for Grandma and the memories we had of her. Today I would like to share one of my favorite memories of Grandma.

A few years ago she organized a family reunion trip to Yellowstone National Park. Since I was living near her in California I went with the Merket's in their car to the reunion. We took Grandma's big silver sedan because it was so plush and comfortable. Grandpa did most of the driving and Grandma and Steve took turns in the passenger seat. After 5 or so hours of driving grandma decided I should take a turn at the wheel.

After I'd been driving for about 30 minutes one of the tires blew out. The car was thrown across the sandy median and into the other lanes before I was able to turn it back into the middle of the highway. We came to a stop and after a short pause the first words said came from my mouth, it was just one long low word, "Shit!" Instead of chastising me or being offended at my awful language and sketchy driving skills Grandma laughed at the cuss word and told me I had handled the accident like a pro. She soothed me, made sure everyone was okay, and even talked to the police.

After the tires were all fixed and we were back on the road she said two things that illustrate the wonderful woman she is perfectly. First she said that she and Grandpa had decided that I needed to drive again sometime that day. It didn't need to be right away but they wanted me to try again so that I would get rid of the fear the accident was putting on me. She would not take any arguing on this point. This perfectly shows her concern for me that was more then her concern for her car or even her own safety. It told me that she loved me and wanted me to be happy and well adjusted.

Second she told me about how most of that day she had not been wearing a seat belt because it kept locking. Just about 5 minutes before the crash she remembered a Sunday school lesson from a few weeks before about obeying the laws. The teacher had talked about the difference in heavenly and earthly laws. He told a story about his wife not wearing her belt and getting a ticket. This story came to her fairly clearly and so she decided to put her seat belt on. She said she knew now that the memory was a prompting from God and that she was so glad that she had heard it and followed his direction. This shows Grandma's faith and testimony so clearly. I am so glad she followed the Lord in this case and throughout her life.

I love my Grandma. She was a strong sweet and faithful women. She raised 5 wonderful children, and 1 lovely foster daughter. She has left behind her loving husband, all of her children, 16 grandchildren, and 11 great-grandchildren. I will miss her so much but I know that she will be waiting for me and each member of our family when we join her in the arms of our Father in Heaven.