Saturday, October 25, 2008

That Post (and isn't it sad)

I have some things I need to share, and blogs were invented for that, right? So here goes!

First, I saw Eagle Eye a while back, and I have some things I need to say about it. I really enjoyed the drama and action of this movie, it moved along really well, and I really liked the characters. I did not, however, like who the bad guy ended up being. I thought that having a super computer trying to change the world was a major cop out. It should have been something that feels more real, and is more interesting. Oh,well.

Second, I am going to be moving to a new place with my parents soon. We are trying to get into a pretty swell mobile home, complete with a neato park and new carpet. I really hope we get it. I can't believe I just admitted that I hope I can one day soon be living in a trailer!

Third, Larry comes home in 11 days! I am so excited to see him. It has been 2 years and 4 months! Wow!

In other news my aunt JoAnn and I bought a miniature pineapple. Isn't it cute!?!

We'll just try to ignore the fact that it was the same price as a normal pineapple, tasted the same, and was about 4 times smaller.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Not That Post

Eventually I'll have a post that has nothing to do with my class, but this is not that post.

Today was a very exciting Friday. I decided to have a mock presidential election for my class, and send the result to a kids magazine who was asking for them. I started out by inviting the 2nd grade, which my mom teaches, to join the election, and by this morning K-6 were all voting. Despite the bit of extra work I am glad that all the elementary kids got to vote today. I made a cute little voting booth, and they even got stickers that said "I voted!" It was really fun. Here is a picture of some of my kids waiting to vote.

So, the results, which I'm sure you're anxious to hear, where that in every class Obama won. The schools totals were, Obama with 45 votes, McCain with 22, and 3 votes for an undisclosed "other."'

After the exciting election in the morning we had our second Annual Pumpkin Rolling Relay. The Kinder through 3rd grades were divided into 4 teams, and then they had to race by rolling a pumpkin down the basketball court. It was so cute, and everyone went away with a smile. This is a picture of three of my Chameleons racing with their pumpkins.

The pumpkins were great fun, and to add to that the whole school got pizza for lunch, and we started our lunch ten minutes early. To top off our great Friday my class had an ice cream party for good behavior at the end of the day. We used an entire package of sprinkles. :)

I ran across some picture of my playing tether ball with my students, and thought I should share their hilarity with you. One day I took leave of my senses and let the kids take turn playing tether ball with me and taking pictures of it with my camera. Below are two of the funniest shots.